Do you find the NDIS confusing?

My Plan Helper now offers online courses to help people understand the NDIS. Our first course, Understanding NDIS Plans, is available now. Here is a sample of the course so you can see how easy it is to follow. Check in with us regularly to see what other courses we have.

Our Vision

To inspire, motivate, support and inform individuals and organisations to get the best outcomes.

Our Mission

To be Australia’s leading provider of information and education to support people with social programs and services. We promote equity, social justice, capacity building, crime prevention, empowerment and choice.

First Course Available Now

Understanding NDIS Plans

An Introductory Course for NDIS Participants, their carers, and family members as well as others who may wish to learn about the NDIS.
Author: Irene Hamilton

This Course is designed for people with a plan, their family and carers. Training for carers and parents directly assists people and children with a plan because they help a person to identify suitable supports, find services and help them towards their goals. This training is also a capacity building activity if it helps family and others to become more involved in supporting a person with their NDIS funding. Any increase in their informal supports is capacity building. You might not understand what that all means yet but don’t worry, it won’t take long for words like capacity building to be part of your everyday language.

So, why do we need this course when the NDIS has lots of information about the NDIS, plans and funding? Good question. It’s true that there is no shortage of words out there, but what do they mean? From the beginning of the NDIS, there have been many people who didn’t even spend $1 from their plan. Many millions of dollars in plan funding were never used, and many people went without support. That tells us that when some people’s NDIS plan came in the mail, they had no idea what to do or who to call for help.

This course is in easy to understand language to start your journey towards understanding the NDIS. The next course, Use Your NDIS Funding, will tell you more.

Pay & Enrol Steps

  1. The course may be paid from a NDIS plan. We will help you with that.
  2. Please complete the form and submit.
  3. My Plan Helper will issue an invoice to you, your plan manager or other third party. Please note that we are an unregistered provider but if you are NDIA managed with a support coordinator, they may wish to fund the course for you as part of their service.
  4. Once payment is received, we will email the nominated student of the course, a link to the course. Please note that multiple family members can undertake the course if it will assist the person with a NDIS plan. For that reason, we ask who will be undertaking the course as each person has a separate invoice.
  5. The email we send you with the link to the course will include information about how to enrol into the course.
  6. You can contact us for help at any time by phoning 1800 59 51 59 or emailing


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