One of the differences I see between those that have a NDIS Support Coordinator and those that don’t, is the use of assessments. A NDIS Support Coordinator may explain the reasons why assessments are useful. I often hear people say that they had no idea about them. I have seen people apply for a review based upon assessments and be happy with the outcome. 

Some changes are expected this year around the use of assessments for people applying to the NDIS and later on, people already on the NDIS being asked to undertake them. From now until changes come in that may mean you don’t need to organise your own assessments, you may like to consider them.

Assessments can be useful for working out support needs and to support people to work towards goals. Assessments can also tell you about progress, potential resources and barriers. One common type of assessment is an occupational therapy functional assessment. There are other types of assessments that can be really useful for the NDIS process however there is never a one size fits all approach. For some people, assessments are unnecessary or unwanted. Some considerations are if you have funding available and what you want to use the assessment for.