We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to 2021.

SA Support Coordination has now rebranded to My Plan Helper. Welcome to our new website and service.

For those that have been using our service, you may wonder why we changed. Our aim is to provide a National NDIS Support Coordination service but with local people who have local knowledge. Each metro NDIS Support Coordinator will be limited to one local government area and no more than 25 participants. Regional NDIS Support Coordinators will also be based in one Local Government Area but may need to cover adjoining areas. They will also only have up to 25 participants. We have smaller caseloads than many others so that we can provide the best service that we can. Will save travel costs as well.

What we hope to see over time, is that every person with a NDIS plan has a choice of NDIS Support Coordinator, might be us or another service. We help provide that choice by recruiting local people in every area so that even in regional and remote areas, there should be a local person available. If there isn’t and there is a demand, we will try to recruit a local person. We are also proud of recruiting a diverse workforce that reflects the communities they serve.

Another important aim is for local people to help build services. We might help the local gardener learn how to deliver NDIS services or speak to the council about services. Community based services are also important. We want to see local services that are accessible, affordable and fun for both children and adults. To do that, we need to know what is in the local area, what the gaps are and who to talk to.

All of the above is why us having local NDIS Support Coordinators is vital to the rollout of our National service. Each and every participant who chooses to use our service will have a local NDIS Support Coordinator but with the backing of a National service. We look forward to applications from suitably qualified people in every local government area across Australia and queries from people with a NDIS plan who want to find out if we are a Good Fit for their needs.

Our website will be updated as we roll out across Australia. Please contact us if you have any questions.