When you had a plan meeting, you discussed different services. Now that you have the plan, you can think about how you (or your family member) will work towards those goals. What types of service will you access? Service may include NDIS funded services but also services you can find in the community.

Here are some tips however you will make up your own mind about how you want to do things.

1. When you contact service providers, ask if they can start soon or if there is a wait list. Some service providers might have open ended wait lists and are happy to leave you there. It is up to you if you think that is acceptable. I don’t like waiting lists and will keep looking for a service provider without one but you will decide what is right for you.

2. Have a think about what the service provider is offering. If they want you to come to their office fortnightly, is that helpful? If you find yourself attending office based therapy but having difficulties within the home, you may want to review how helpful the therapy is.

3. Ask around to find out what service providers others are using. Each person is different and just because someone you know is finding a service useful, may not mean that it will be useful for you but it may be useful to know who others are using and what their experiences are.

Some useful questions for when you contact potential service providers:

Do you have capacity? This means – Can you provide the service now?

How long is your waitlist? Some will give you a vague answer which may mean that they have a long wait list but don’t want to say that.

What can I expect from this service?

It can be like winning a jackpot when you find service providers that you’re happy with. All the best with your search.