It is a feeling some of us remember well. The first time you see a NDIS plan and have no idea what it means. NDIS Planners and Local Area Coordinators undertake several weeks of training, have mentors within their teams and repeated learning experiences but what do families receive?

That is where a NDIS Support Coordinator can be useful. NDIS Support Coordinators help people to understand their NDIS plan, how they can work towards goals, use their funding and help to organise referrals. The NDIS have allowed all NDIS participants to access support coordination during Covid, even if you don’t have it in your plan. The NDIS have created new codes under core to allow any person with core funding to access support coordination. Worth considering if you are struggling.

I want to congratulate the many families who don’t use support coordination or perhaps do so only occasionally who are their own support coordinator. They deserve a big pat on the back, well done! It is not easy but they have managed to do it.

I sometimes say that dealing with the NDIS is like standing on a skateboard, you feel confident, then a bit wobbly but you get yourself stable again. None of us are experts, we are all standing there together.