My Plan Helper now provides face to face training and video workshops in NDIS Support Coordination. Founder of My Plan Helper, Irene Hamilton, has been a NDIS Support Coordinator for several years and successfully operates a support coordination business in Adelaide, South Australia. My Plan Helper is now moving into the training space in response to the need for information. Irene hopes to assist many more people by providing face to face as well as online training commencing in 2022.

The training we are announcing today is called Basic Training in NDIS Support Coordination as it is training to get you started. You may further develop your learning in the future with more advanced training. The old saying, “you need to learn to walk before you can run’, definitely applies to support coordination! To find out more, please email My Plan Helper at

You might also be interested to know that we are developing an online course which will be available soon so that anyone can join from anywhere to learn the basics of support coordination. That course will be an online course, self paced that a person logs into. You will see that training mentioned on our website and you are welcome to express an interest so that we can contact you once it is released.

You will see 2 courses on our website about support coordination. One is an introduction course for people who are unsure what the role involves and unsure if it is right for them. The other is the basic training. Please note that the online course, once released, doesn’t have mentoring included as it will be a stand alone online course that anyone can purchase.

The training we are offering now can be face to face or up to 5 people can attend via video as a group. We prefer small group training as every effort is made to equip a person to be confident in starting in the role. That can be difficult if the group is too large. For face to face, we also like 5 people but will accept up to 10 if needed if it is for one organisation. By having only 5 people in a group, we can tailor training in response to your specific needs. 

Basic Training in NDIS Support Coordination, cost is $750 per person inc GST. The course includes:

  • 2 weeks access to the online course, Understanding NDIS Plans so that every person understands the NDIS basics prior to training (value is $650)
  • Small group training either face to face or as an online group via a video workshop. We like only up to 5 people.
  • A Support Coordinator Skills Checklist to help you understand the foundation skills, knowledge and personal qualities that assist a person to do the job.
  • 2 x half days (consecutive days preferred) of training as this allows time for further learning. 4 hours each day is preferred.
  • Free mentoring for up to 4 weeks following the course to ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge to do the job.
  • A Certificate of Completion¬†

To find out more, please email Irene at