Many people that I speak to talk about how stressful the NDIS is. Some people talk about how easy the old system was. Nearly every month, there is a newspaper story about someone having a difficult time with the NDIS, some are stuck in nursing homes and hospitals.

Those feelings and experiences are real people’s stories and it is sad to hear that some people are doing well whereas others struggle. I can’t give you foolproof tips to not only cope with the NDIS but to succeed but I can say that once you have good supports, it gets better.

Every year the NDIA comes up with ways to improve the experience for people. I recommend that every person who can, submits feedback to the NDIA so that they hear from you about your experience so that they have a better understanding of what people need.

Here are my general tips but please note that they don’t cover all people in all situations.

1. If you don’t understand how to use a NDIS plan, ask for support coordination. Right now, anyone with core funding can use a support coordinator without having it listed in the plan.
2. If you are not happy with the support coordinator, change to another one.
3. Be clear about what you expect from the plan. Don’t focus on the dollars, it is about goals and how to work towards them.
4. If there is a difference between the plan and what you expect, write down what the differences are.
5. Decide who can help you (friend, LAC, disability advocate, support coordinator, disability organisation, etc).

6. Don’t worry too much. A lot of people say that we need about 10 years of the NDIS to be fully up and running. Nearly everyone is still getting used to the NDIS, you are not alone.
7. Remember that there is a solution to any problem, you might just need support to find it.