Use Your NDIS Funding was intended to be an online course that people could log into anytime and work at their own pace. What is evident to us though is that by the time a person reaches out for help, they may have many issues that require a personal touch. An online course can’t provide that so we will put off the online course for now and just focus on people and their needs for now.

Before we go on, everyone needs to know this. A person needs to understand how to read a NDIS plan before they can do this course. So, if you are not confident reading a NDIS plan, please enrol into the online course, Understanding NDIS Plans first. The cost can come from your NDIS plan. Even people who feel ok reading their plan have said how great the course was and that they learnt something new. We recommend it for most people.

What do people need? Judging by the calls and emails we get, people need help to get plan funding that they can be happy with. Many people seem to be struggling and some parents talk about not coping. The NDIS was designed to provide support so why is that happening?

We know that the number of appeals has significantly increased in recent months because people are not happy with their plans. People who used to have Support Coordination seem to be having it cut or are told that they can’t have it. Parents who struggle with children who have quite significant disability specific needs, are being told they can’t have respite or perhaps they have funding for very little. Even incontinence support seems to be cut back for some.

My Plan Helper believes that many people who appeal to the AAT could of been assisted to go down a different path but there isn’t always the help out there to make that happen. Many people could benefit from having Support Coordination in their plan but even if they do, sometimes they can’t find a suitable one. It can be hard or impossible to access disability advocacy so what can people do?

We believe in education and information. If parents in particular, are supported to understand and navigate the NDIS, then they will be in a better position to advocate for their child or children. It doesn’t mean that people won’t still appeal to the AAT but it may mean that fewer do.

Adults with a plan, either with or without the support of family, also benefit from support, information and education. It is crazy that the NDIS is so complicated and uses language in a way that is confusing and difficult for the everyday person to learn. Of course, we hope that one day, public pressure results in the NDIS becoming easier but in the meantime, we encourage individuals and families to work towards achieving the support that they need without having to go to the AAT if possible.

How do you do that? Every person is different and there isn’t a one size fits all but for many people, let’s start off with education and information. By the way, that also includes information and education for LACs who may be giving people the wrong information!

Our course, Use Your NDIS Funding could be a good start but perhaps there are other courses or workshops with other providers that could help you. You will decide what is right for you. Shop around and reach out for help. There are many great organisations out there.

My Plan Helper will offer small group courses and workshops. 5 people is our magic number as a group that size should result in individual support and time to ask lots of questions. We will help a person identify the supports they need, the cost, compare it to their plan and talk about options. It will be like becoming your own support coordinator but keep in mind, that the course is just the first step. What we will do over time, is create and offer courses to continue that learning so that you can access further support over time.

We call that a layered approach to training in that we don’t provide everything in one hit and just walk away. We recognise that it takes time, practice and discussion for unfamiliar, new knowledge to become familiar. It doesn’t happen overnight or just because you do one course or workshop. That is what makes us different but keep in mind, that our small groups means that places are limited. Generally, our courses will be during school hours and Saturdays.

Check our website for updates as we will list further details about this course and some dates soon.